A history of more than 5,000 years of continuous civilisation, compared to a mere 1,200 of the Roman Empire.

Pre-history and origins

No clear beginnings due to lack of writing. Homo-erectus more than a million years ago. Around 10,000 BCE the slow migration worked its way to Messopotamia, one branch moved up into Europe, and another went vaguely Eastward. Through India and past the Himalayan mountains, somehow. Finding arable land, where some stopped. 7,000 BCE had permanent settlements and farming cultures. Written records from around 5,000.

The three sovereigns and five emperors in the mythical canon, spanned 800 years up until around 2800 BCE. The three sovereigns were demigods, of which there are more than three. The Jade emperor had them create the human race, and they did so out of clay.

Fu’shi taught tool use, and popularly created the I Ching, on the back of which unspecified dragon-animal. The Book of Changes, similar to geomancy.